Now a Heart Could Cure Itself After Suffering an Attack


heart attack self cureUnlike other organs, the heart will reduce performance and can not repair themselves after being exposed to an attack. However, those with heart problems are now getting a new hope. A medical study in England found a pill that can trigger heart to repair itself after suffering an attack.

British researchers who conducted the study claim they have stepped 10 years forward to perfect the rejuvenation of cardiac findings. These findings, five years ago, is still something that is impossible, but now researchers have new hope.

Researchers from University College London discovered a protein known as thymosin beta 4. This protein are the key to the growth of the human heart at a young age. This protein wake stem cells which are inactive in adult human organs.

This protein works when a heart attack occurs. With the existence of this protein, muscles and blood vessels around the organs improve. This improvement could prevent long term damage while improving the quality of life.

“I can imagine how a patient who is at risk of heart attack can take the pill that can restore a heart’s good shape when exposed to attacks,” said Paul Riley, one of the researchers, according to The Telegraph.