Obese pregnant women are vulnerable to have babies with heart disease


babies with heart diseaseObesity experienced by pregnant women not only is a danger to herself, but also for their babies. An Australian study found that obese women have greater risks to give birth to a child with a thicker aortic wall.

Arteries that are thicker are often associated with cardiovascular problems and heart disease later in life. Interestingly, thickening of the aorta is not related to the baby’s weight at birth.

This was discovered after researchers studied 23 pregnant women. They recorded the BMI of the mother before delivery. Then, researchers measured the abdominal aorta of the baby seven days after the baby was born using an ultra-wave, this is as reported by the NY Daily News (04/03).

As a result, women who are obese or overweight with a BMI over 25, are more likely to deliver infants with aortic wall up to 0.06 millimeters thicker than mothers who has normal weight.

The higher the BMI of a pregnant women, the thicker the wall of the aorta in infants. Aorta that is thick is suspected to potentially cause blockage of blood vessels in the heart when the baby grows up.

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