Obesity can be traced through email?


Obesity can be traced through emailUsually to find out if a person has a tendency of obesity, body mass index (BMI) or weight gain attention has to be calculated. However, recent research suggests that there may be social aspects of obesity.

Several previous studies have found that people who have a lot of obese or overweight friends are usually also obese or overweight. Meanwhile, recent research shows that e-mail can also show trends of obesity and weight status.

A study conducted by observing the e-mail sent at work found a high association between how often co-workers send email to each other with body mass index (BMI). They found that co-workers who are obese usually send each other emails on one another.

It was discovered after researchers looked at 5 million e-mails belonging to more than 2,000 employees. Social relationships through email shows how peers influence each other. It also shows how the physical form (such as fat or thin) may be an option to select a friend at work.

Lead researcher, Dr. Elizabeth Rula explained that he and his team was surprised to find a link between the spread of e-mail with the weight of employees, as reported by the BBC (13/03). But she hopes that social networking through virtual worlds can be used to spread the appeal of health.

In addition to obesity, the study also shows that social networking in the workplace can affect health, such as smoking habits, sense of happiness, exercise, and other activities.