Obesity in Children Cause Weak Bones


obese child weak bonesBesides the risk of diabetes, obesity in children also face a greater chance of having weak bones.

A study by scientists from Georgia School of Medicine, United States, who studied 140 children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old who gets little exercise, found that 4-5 percent less bone density and 30 percent of low blood sugar.

The researchers said their new study is the first to demonstrate a link between weak bones and childhood risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2Diabetes, which is associated with obesity, are begining to infect children. Type 1 diabetes is associated with genetic and environmental factors.

Norman Pollock, PhD, bone biologist at the Medical College of Georgia, says a new study shows a link between obesity in children and bone fractures.

“Children are obese may have more bone mass than children of normal weight,” said Pollock, according to WebMD. Pollock states, every person who is overweight has weak bones, and a phenomenon found in this study may be more related to how fat is distributed throughout the body.

Prediabetes tend to have more fat around their abdominal area which is called visceral fat, a type of fat found in the stomach associated with heart disease and diabetes.

The larger amount of visceral fat is associated with greater lower bone mass, while the overall body fat is more associated with higher bone mass. “It seems excessive abdominal fat plays a key role linking the prediabetes to lower bone mass,” said Pollock.