Obesity rates in developing countries grows rapidly


Obesity rates in developing countries grows rapidlyA report as reported from cbsnews.com, said that nearly one billion people living in developing countries are classified under the category of being overweight or obese.

According to the Future Diet report by The Overseas Development Institute in the UK, it was mentioned that this figure overtakes the current rates of obesity occurring in most developed countries.

Two countries with very high levels of obesity are China and Mexico where the number of people who are overweight has doubled since 1980 . While in South Africa, the rate of obesity has increased beyond the rate of obesity in the UK.

“This phenomenon occurs associated with income, urbanization, and lifestyle experienced by people in developing countries. Rising levels of life also influence the diet and their lifestyle. Inhabitants of developing countries tend to eat foods high in calories but low in vitamins,” said Steve Wiggins, the author in this study.

The report also warns that the government is still not ready to anticipate the occurrence of this phenomenon. The government still has not implemented several policies related to food quality of the population.

Further, the report also predicts that the obesity rate will tend to rise and also threaten the health of people in developing countries. As confirmed by the high people suffering from obesity, the levels of certain types of cancer, diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks will continue to increase.

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