Office workers are at high risk for chronic disease?


Office workers are at high risk for chronic disease

A study indicates that thousands of office workers are at high risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and fractures. This happens because they are deficient in vitamin D.

“Whether we realize it or not, working hours from morning to night can make you deficient in vitamin D. Because you only have a little time for direct contact with the sun, the biggest source of vitamin D,” wrote the study from Cambridge University. “When it enters the body, sunlight will be processed into vitamin D naturally.”

Still according to this study, vitamin D plays an important role and is proven to protect the body against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and can increase fertility.

“Actually, you only need about 20 minutes of sunbathing every morning to get vitamin D. Besides that, taking fish oil or vitamin D supplements can also improve the overall health of your body.”