Often Daydreaming is a sign of Intelligence


Do you often daydream? well, if you do then you should be grateful. Recently it is known that who has a mind that often wanders around have the possibility to have a sharper brain.

Despite previous findings that states that daydreaming cause memory loss, a recent study by scientists have showed that people who are constantly “disrupted” has more “working memory” compared to those who are not. This makes them able to do two things simultaneously in one time.

The participants in this study had to press buttons in response to the emergence of a certain letters on a screen or pressing it in the right time.

The researchers checked regularly to see if their minds wander off. At the end of the study, scientists measured the participants’ working memory capacity, giving them a score for the ability to remember a bunch of letters interspersed with a simple math question.

According to the dailymail, psychologists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Daniel Levinson, said that those who have a higher working memory capacity were reported more frequently distracted while doing simple tasks even though their achievements are not in doubt.

The result of Levinson’s research was published online in Psychological Science. This is the first time a study shows the relationship between the mind that often wanders or daydream with intelligence.

Levinson said that it takes more mental work space, for example, to add two spoken numbers without writing. Capacity is associated with a general measure of intelligence as a thorough reading and IQ scores.

So if you often daydream, then it could in a way be a good sign. This new study underscores the importance of working memory to help the brain focus on the issues that are most difficult.