Often eating junk food makes children develop asthma


Parents should really pay attention to the food consumed by their children. Because a recent study says that children who eat junk food too often are at high risk of developing asthma.

The study, published in the British Medical Association involved half a million children aged 6-7 years and 13-14 years. Researchers then examine their eating habits and health problems such as itching of the skin – which is a symptom of eczema or dermatitis – and stuffy nose despite not having a flu.

Questionnaires were distributed and parents in different parts of the world were asked to fill them. As a result, the habit of eating junk food turned out to have a close connection with asthma conditions experienced by children, this is as reported by The Daily News.

About three or more serving junk food increases the risk of asthma by 39 percent in adolescents and 27 percent in children. In addition to asthma,  the risk of eczema or dermatitis skin disease also increases in children who often eat junk food.

Conversely, if the consumption of junk food is replaced with fruits, then the risk of asthma symptoms and skin diseases is declining as much as 11-14 per cent.

Previously, another study states that saturated fat on junk food is a trigger of inflammation in the immune system. So that inflammation causes many health problems for junk food lovers.

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