Often Get Angry? Beware of These Diseases


angerMany studies suggest that a person’s psychological condition affects overall level of health. And one of the way maintain health is to control anger. It is not easy, considering the process requires a high level of patience. Not just stress, anger also increase risk of having other diseases as follows:

When anger occurs, the heart beat faster. If you continue to get angry, it means the heart is more susceptible to stroke. For that, heart disease patients should maintain their mood by practicing yoga.

Sleep disorders
Hormones in the body becomes unstable when we are angry. Metabolism becomes chaotic and effects on difficulty in sleeping or insomnia.

High blood pressure
Not only factors of unhealthy foods that cause blood pressure to rise. Although only temporary, anger also cause blood pressure to rise.

Respiratory problems
Those who are angry are vulnerable with respiratory disorders such as asthma. Emotional outburst makes your breath heavy, and triggers asthma attacks.

Anger also trigger a sense of acute headache.

Stroke also occurs because of impaired brain function. If you are angry and at the same time blood pressure rises excessively, this condition will also disrupt the nervous system.

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