Often Skipping Breakfast Can Trigger Heart Disease?


Leaving home with an empty stomach can increase the risk of heart disease. The conclusion emerges through a study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

A research by a team from the University of Tasmania tracked the long-term dangers of skipping breakfast. This reinforces previous research showing positive effects of breakfast for the heart.

The study involved 2,184 participants who were followed for 20 years. The result showed that too often skipping breakfast could lead to increased cholesterol and fat deposits around the abdomen. The condition is clearly a major factor in the increased risk of heart disease.

Skipping breakfast can also trigger increased levels of insulin in the blood, which is an early marker of diabetes.

This study shows that the greatest increase in risk are amongst those who always skip breakfast when still a child. And continues this bad habit into adulthood.

Habit of skip breakfast are usually also followed by a habit of eating sweet foods, less exercise, and non-fulfillment of intake of fiber, vitamins, and minerals properly. A nutritionist, Catherine Collins, said, skipping breakfast is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle.