Often stares at a computer screen? Eat more sushi!



Computer screen, screen smartphone, laptop screen and TV screen become unconscious stuff you always looked at every day. In fact, not infrequently you often spend time staring at the screen for these objects all the time without pause. The result, of course, the eyes become tired and dry quickly. And when you let the eye infection will attack you.

Do you see similar conditions in your eyes? Reporting from dailymail.co.uk, no fun tips to keep your eyes healthy is to eat a lot of sushi.

“Your eyes need a lot of omega-3 to make it always damp. For when your eyes are dry, you will feel the pain in the eyes every time you blink. The friction due to dry eye is able to lead your eye infections worse,” David Allamby, health experts Eye in Focus Clinics, London.

“Tear glands in the bone on the outside of the eye tears. Then the eyelid meibomian glands produce oil that floats on the surface of the eye, which serves to moisturize the eye and reduce evaporation,” he explained.

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