Olive Oil Supports Vitamin Needs


olive oil vitaminsLack of vitamin in the body can interfere with daily activities. There are actually an alternative to meet the lack vitamin besides consuming fruits and vegetables, that is by consuming olive oil.

Besides containing vitamin A and B, olive oil also contains vitamin E, D, and K that contribute to strengthening bones, muscles, and intestinal wall. According to Genius Beauty, the content of these vitamins also play a role in fighting free radicals and support the rejuvenation of the body.

Regular consumption of olive oil can reduce blood cholesterol, helps prevent plaque formation, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, because as many as 55-83 percent of the substances in olive oil are monounsaturated fatty acids.

Consuming olives regularly will help improve the digestive system and liver. Olive oil also contains sugar, protein, pectin, mineral elements, which are also high in carotene.

Shortage of mineral and vitamin elements in the body should not be allowed because it can cause digestive system and growth hormone disorders.

Lack of vitamin A can cause skin problems, eyesight and general weakening of the protection functions of the body, such as susceptible to colds. Vitamin B deficiency is characterized by cardiovascular and nervous system disorders that can cause disease of the pancreas and liver. While lack of vitamin C can lead to fragility of blood vessels, bones, and teeth.