One Cigarette is Enough to Trigger Heart Attacks


smoking heart attackHeavy smokers or those who only occasionally smokes are equally in danger. Research shows negative effects of smoking can occur more quickly than expected, so that just one cigarette is enough to trigger heart attacks.

Cigarette smoke does not take too long to get into one’s bloodstream. Once in the blood, the toxins in cigarette smoke directly changes structure so that it becomes more sticky to one another.

The toxic molecules also bind blood around it, which then cause clotting. For those who are already experience narrowing of blood vessels, this condition is very risky to cause heart attacks.

“Cigarettes today releases nicotine much faster and more efficiently than cigarettes several years ago,” said nicotine expert Dr. K. Michael Cummings of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

This fact further confirms that there is no safe limit for cigarette smoke. Although someone only smokes occasionally and even just one or two cigarettes, the risks can be very fatal which is deadly heart attacks.

“Too often we hear people say occasionally smoking will not be too dangerous. The fact is not so, I encourage as much as possible to avoid cigarette smoke and people who smoke,” said Dr. Terry Pechacek of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Therefore, the dangers of cigarette smoke once again become the attention of doctors in the United States who include it in the Surgeon General 2010 report. According to Dailymail, the 700-page thick report emphasized the relationship of cigarette smoke with heart attacks.

One issue raised was the Pueblo, Colorado government’s policy which imposed a ban on smoking in public places since 2003. The impact is that the number of recorded cases of heart attacks dropped by 41 percent in just 3 years.