One more reason to drink water!


One more reason to drink water

There have been many articles that discussed the benefits of drinking water for health. There is no doubt that the consumption of water can be healthy for the body. However, recent research found the reason why you have to be diligent to drink water, especially after eating.

A Spanish study analyzed the link between food consumed by drinking water. Diet and eating habits was also influenced by the amount of water consumed. Researchers found that people who drink water after eating are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables in their diet.

These results were obtained after researchers looked at data from 1,332 people aged 20 to 79 years old in Spain. They recorded how many times a person eats and what portions of fruit and vegetables they consume. In addition, researchers also observed what drink  they consume after a meal, as reported by the Women’s Health Mag (22/08).

From these results the researchers got two conclusions, namely that people who drink water after a meal are more likely to eat more vegetables and fruits. While those who drink other than water, such as sugar-sweetened beverages after eating may be more interested in processed food. People who consume water after a meal is likely to eat vegetables or fruits up to two to three times as much.

Researchers noted that the possibility of a link between the two is not a causal link and it could be also influenced by other factors. Even so, the results of this study give you one more reason to be more diligent to consume water.