One out of 10 deaths in Europe is caused by lung disease


lung disease

Not only cancer and heart disease that people must be wary of. Lung disease also can kill people. A study reveals that lung diseases accounted for one in 10 deaths in Europe.

Research conducted by the European Respiratory Society reveals that the biggest cause of death from lung disease is cigarette. Smoking habit will make a number of patients with lung cancer and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) increased in 20 years and cause death.

Charities in the UK even revealed that lung disease causes one in four deaths in the UK. Even so, lung disease still seems underrated and do not get the attention it should, as reported by the BBC (05/09).

The results obtained through the data of the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease prevention and Control. Although the study and these results are from Europe, but it is quite possible that the same thing also happened throughout the world.

Given the smoking habit is still practiced by many people in the world, lung disease can not be underestimated. Lung disease can also cause death. It is time for the disease to get attention, handling, and considerable precautions of government and society.