Organic tomatoes are more rich in vitamin C than regular tomatoes

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Organic tomatoes are more rich in vitamin CAlthough the form of organic tomatoes are smaller than the usual ones, but researchers said that the amount of vitamin C in them are higher.

One reason is the growth of non-organic tomatoes from a variety of chemical compounds. While regular tomatoes are often affected by exposure to pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and other materials that indirectly ‘reduce’ nutritional content in it.

The study in the PLoS One journal also proves that plant treatment  affects the fruit produced. Fruit and vegetable quality can be obtained if they are planted properly.

There are a lot of debate about the nutrients in organic food and regular ones. Many stakeholders agree that organic food is much healthier though expensive. While not a few parties deny it.

Several previous studies have already mentioned the taste of organic food is more delicious than usual. But this is the first study to prove that vitamin C in organic tomatoes is higher than usual.

As reported by the Daily Mail, researchers convey that the form of organic tomatoes is 40 percent smaller. But the vitamin C content of organic tomatoes is actually 57 percent higher than usual.

Another important nutrient in tomatoes is lycopene that is good for health. In some studies, lycopene is powerful to lower the risk of prostate cancer and slow tumor growth.

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