Other Benefits of Sugar


sugar benefitsReducing sugar consumption can reduce the risks of obesity and diabetes. But sugar is not always dangerous because sugar can also be a medicine. According to Health, here are some benefits of sugars:

1. HealingĀ  wounds
Zimbabwean society tradition teaches that sugar is a very effective disinfectant. Local people sprinkle with granulated their open wound with sugar, so the healing process could be faster.

Research in the UK has proved that sugar are capable of pulling fluids around the wound so it does not overgrown with bacteria. The effect is the same as salt, butĀ  does not cause pain.

2. Pain relief
A research published in the Pediatrics journal reveals sugar solution efficacy in relieving pain in infants during immunization injections. Most babies which are given 1/4 cup of the solution did not cry when injected, due to less pain.

3. Soften rough skin
Sugar is a softener (exfoliant) for natural skin. To soften the damaged skin, use a recipe from The Groove Park Inn Resort & Spa in North Carolina below.

Combine 1/2 cup granulated sugar with 1/4 cup canola oil, add three drops of lavender essential oil. Use as a scrub, rubbed with a circular motion.

4. Keep the flowers bloom longer
A little extra sugar on the water in the vase of the flower. According to Rita Azar, owner of a flower shop in Los Angeles, one teaspoon of sugar is enough to make fresh flowers bloom longer.