Other Facts About Nicotine


smoking Health TipsNicotine is known as a substance contained in cigarettes and can cause dependence. But there are some other facts about nicotine which are not yet known to the public.

The native Americans are the ones who teach the whole world to smoke. It is known from the expedition of Christopher Columbus who brought the tobacco leaf to Europe.

At that time the Europeans used tobacco as a remedy for headaches, fatigue and irritability.

The main components of this plant, called nicotine was found by French ambassador Jean Nicot in the mid XIV century, when people believed that nicotine was a drug.

But half a century later the dangers of tobacco smoke on the human body was known, but only a few people can say no to tobacco.

As quoted from Buzzle and nicotinefacts, Monday (19/4/2010) there are some other facts about nicotine which are still rarely known by the public, namely:

1. Most smokers believe that the effects of smoking can make comfort.
But psychologists do not agree with that. The smoke and nicotine does nut effect on comfort, but the sucking reflex does.

Doctors recommend people suffering from severe insomnia can consume milk or other liquids through a straw, because it can soothe the effects of smoking.

2. Nicotine can be really useful as a drug if used correctly and in an accurate dose. But people always use nicotine for different things and in a high doses.

3. In the American Journal of Psychiatry, it is found that nicotine reaction with oxygen can form nicotinic acid. Effect of derivative compounds can comfort the human body, improving mood and stimulate brain activity, motor functions and memory. When nicotine molecules are modified in such a manners, it will not cause addiction as in cigarettes.

4. Doctors have a term “smoker’s face”, because the skin of people who smoke are thinner 25-40 percent than non-smokers. The longer a person smokes, then their levels of collagen and elastin reduced .

5. Psychologists classify smokers as adventure seekers. More often consciously or unconsciously, they want to get more adrenaline and ignore the potential danger.

6. Very few mothers are ready to give up this dangerous habit for the sake of their babies’ health.

7. A study said children who have allergies to dust, animal fur, food allergies, stomach ailments or dental cavities can be caused by the inhalation of cigarette smoke.