Other reasons why people are bitten by mosquitoes


reasons why people are bitten by mosquitoesCertainly it is very annoying if you are frequently bitten by mosquitoes. Your body will itch or even get blisters due to scratching. Mosquitoes often appear at any time, especially in a darkened room. But there are other reasons that make you bitten by mosquitoes. What are they? Check out the review below as reported by Reader Digest.

Mosquitoes like people who sweat
You think mosquitoes are interested because you have sweet blood. You are wrong. That’s because the carbon dioxide produced. The harder you breathe, the more you emit CO2, so you are more attractive to mosquitoes.

Additionally dry sweat with a towel immediately to avoid mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes can take the chemicals presented in human sweat.

Like beer?
After you drink beer, there are chemical changes in your skin and lure mosquitoes to bite.

Smelly feet
According to scientists, foot odor makes mosquitoes like to bite you. Therefore Wash feet you do not get bitten.

Pregnant women emits more carbon dioxide and their stomach has a higher temperature. Therefore mosquitoes also like to target pregnant women.

No wonder if mosquitoes are targeting humans. Therefore you must always keep your cleanliness.