Overcome Cellulite With Water


watermelon iceCellulite will increase when you lose weight. Giving  liquid supplies from inside is a natural way to support the skin so that fat cells are not conspicuous. You can hide cellulite and loose weight with fruit and vegetables that contain plenty of water.

One study in Japan showed that women who gets water by eating fruits and vegetables rich in water has a more slender waist, and a Body Mass Index lower than those who drank less fluid.

Here are some fun ways to consume liquid according to Health magazine.

Watermelon Ice
Blend watermelon without seeds (water content approximately 92 per cent) along with a handful of fresh mint leaves. Than freeze it in a freezer.

Grilled peaches
Halve peaches and remove the seeds. The peach has a water content as much as 88 percent. Put a piece of thw fruit on the grill that has been given oil, then grill it for 2 minutes. Turn half of the fruit, and cover grill. Grill for three minutes or until it is soft. Once cooked pour the white wine vinegar on top, and serve with fat-free “sour cream”.

Cucumber Mocktail
Cut the cucumber, then mix a third of peeled cucumber (containing approximately 96 percent water) into a tall glass. Add soda water flavored with lemon and give a little orange juice. Garnish with cucumber pieces.