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City Design Can Affect Your Health

Park Avenue, New York City

Cities that have designs for public walking, cycling or public transport can expect a decrease in chronic diseases. Such as heart disease and diabetes.

Know The Impact of a Divorce on Your Health


Ending a long-term relationship and making the decision to have a divorce is always regarded as a negative thing.

Efective Method to Overcome Mouth Ulcers


Often experience ulcers on your tongue or lips? Ulcers is one of the health problems in the oral cavity that is most frequently encountered. Usually, ulcers starts with inflammation in the oral cavity area. For example, the advent of dry and chapped...

You Only Need to Give HPV Vaccines Twice For Children and Adolescents,


Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a type of virus responsible for diseases such as cervical cancer, penile cancer and genital warts in humans. The virus can be  easily found everywhere therefore people are is advised to protect themselves with injectable vaccines.

Eliminate Stress by rubbing honey on your face


Felling pressure and having a lot of thoughts will cause stress. But that does not mean that your face has to become unhealthy.

Having Bananas For Breakfast Makes You Feel Hungry Faster

bananas to prevent HIV

Bananas are known to have many health benefits. It is even known that bananas can reduce stroke risks. Bananas and breakfast could be said as the most favorite current combination for breakfast. However here’s a health tips for you. You...

7 Good Morning Habits To Make Life Happier

Theta Meditation - A Wonderful Tool for Relaxation

A study found that starting the day in the best way possible by doing good morning habits not only improves productivity, but also increase feelings of motivation, achievement and self-esteem.

Try it out, These 5 Tips Can Overcome Stress


Stress is a common thing felt by humans, but it is also important for humans to know how to overcome stress. Everyone is at risk of suffering from stress to even depression. Sources of stress can come from anywhere. In general, sources...

Plants that are Good for Skin Health

Stay beautiful and healthy with aloe vera

Another skin beauty health tips for you. Instant beauty is not always the best method in gaining the beauty looks you want. The chemicals in cosmetics also have adverse effects for the skin.

These 5 Herbs Are Good for Your Health


Herbs have have been known and trusted for thousands of years for treatment. Herbs are widely used today, either in tea, vitamins and natural supplements. Here are some herbs that are good for health, as reported by Cheat Sheet.

Bad Habits that Diabetics Need to Avoid


When the level of blood sugar or glucose in the blood is high, the body undergoes a number of symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, hunger, weight loss that can not be explained, slow wound healing and fatigue.

5 Steps to Prevent Postpartum Depression: From Resting to Maintaining Intimacy


Postpartum depression does not appear suddenly. If a mother had a lot of problems during pregnancy, the risk of experiencing postpartum depression will of course be larger.

Let’s Do These Morning Rituals For a Healthy Day


Waking up early in the morning to resume doing daily activities is often a really difficult thing to do for many people, although it is probably the main health tips to start off your day.

How to Quickly Calm Yourself In Two Minutes


Did you forget to relax and breathe after spending a tiring day at work? You should not forget this, because if not then your mind and body can be disrupted. You may night realize it, but work can mentally disturb you.

These Foods With Antioxidants are Good for Health

health benefits of eating broccoli

Antioxidants can protect the body from various diseases and slow the aging process. Therefore, antioxidants are so important for the body because it has a wide range of benefits and functions for health.

Lose Weight by Hinging Out with Thin People


Here’s a new weight loss health tips for you. There is an easy method for you who are currently trying to lose weight. According to a recent study, people who are trying to lose weight should hang out more often...

Beware, These Are Drugs That Can Cause Weight Gain

Top 25 Foods to Help You Gain Weight

The major cause weight gain is due to overeating and lack of exercise but you should know that there are also some drugs that can cause weight gain. Yes this might sound unfamiliar for you, but there many other examples of...