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Want to Try? This is the Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet

Most of you of course would already have heard of the Mediterranean diet. Why is it called the Mediterranean diet? Well, this term was taken from the habitual way of people’s diet from countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

Beware, You Could Suffer from Urinary Tract Infections


Health Tips – Infections of the urinary tract or widely known as urinary tract infection (UTI) can occur in your urinary system, both the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.

Here Are Some Surprising Signs of Sleep Apnea

proper sleeping position

Sleep Apnea is a condition of breathing repeatedly during sleep, various symptoms of this disorder is already widely known, but there are some surprising signs of sleep apnea.

4 Adverse Effects of Too Much Sleeping

Get these 5 benefits of sleeping naked!

Sleeping is not just a natural phase for every person, but is also a very important requirement for energy regeneration poses for the whole body function.

5 Benefits of Pineapple for Health


PINEAPPLE is a a fruit that is very fresh when consumed on a hot day and weather. This is because pineapples contain water in its flesh. It’s sweet and sour taste and watery texture makes it very refreshing.

Know the health benefits of kissing

kissing can cause mononucleosis disease

Here we are again with another simple health tips for you! This may come as a surprise for many people, but in fact is that there are some well known health benefits of kissing. Kissing is a universal language and...

Don’t Underestimate the Signs of Stroke


Many people do not realize that they are having a stroke when it happens to them, as some well known signs of stroke may not arise when we suffer them in the early stage. That’s according to a research...

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Diet!


The desire to have a slim body is sometimes not matched by effort or hard work to make it happen yet many people want to lose weight without exercise or diet.

Should You Drink Warm Water or Cold Water in the Morning?


Should we drink warm or cold water when we wake up in the morning is still a question for most people to understand more about the reasons to drink water. Some articles suggest that drinking cold water can burn more...

Don’t Underestimate Lyme Disease, Read the Symptoms


LYME is an infection that is spread by ticks, which belong to the the Ixodes species. Ixodes ticks or Ixodes scapularis  is known as a tick that are commonly found in deers, thus why it called a ‘deer tick’....

Sitting Cross-legged, Can it Cause Problems to Your Health?


Sitting for a long period of time is known of being unhealthy for your body. It can increase the risk for dozens of chronic conditions, cancer and diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. It was even mentioned that sitting too...

Long Naps Increase Risk of Heart Problems and Diabetes


Sleeping is a daily routine. However, a long nap can increase the risk of heart problems and diabetes. This is according to a new meta-analysis presented at the American College of Cardiology (ACC).

Recognize Sexual Hormones in Women


Hormones are chemical substances produced by the endocrine glands that have a certain effect on the activity of other organs in the body. Hormones play an important role to control the functions of the body. When a person has good...

Things That Make You Age Faster


Do you often hear advice from others to be more active and energetic while you’re still young? Lifestyle is the main cause behind aging. Here are some things that may accelerate your aging process, as reported by the Times of India :

What Happens To Our Body When We Are Angry?


Anger and frustration is not only harmful for your mental health, but  can also harm your overall health. Many people will get angry about little things which in the end will not provide any benefits for their health. So, what really...

Routine Exercise Will Cut Your Health Costs

exercise reduce breast cancer risks

There are many information which explains about the benefits of routine exercise. But, in fact there are still many people that finds it difficult and heavy to exercise as they do not have the motivation to do routine exercise. A study also showed...

Belly Fat Is More Dangerous Than Fat Beneath the Skin


Obesity seemed to be the latest trends nowadays including the increase of belly fat. Ironically, those who are overweight have higher risk of suffering from various chronic diseases such as diabetes and even heart attacks. But, there is something even more dangerous than...