Paracetamol Can Sharpen Your Memory


paracetamolParacetamol is a drug that is quite popular as a pain and fever reliever. But lately, some researchers have found possible benefits of paracetamol to sharpen memory.

According to the Daily Mail, a team of researchers in Sweden believe that paracetamol works on brain cells that control memory or recollection. Clinical trials were done based on previous findings, that people who take paracetamol every day show better memory test results.

Laboratory studies show that paracetamol triggers the release of serotonin in the brain. Indirectly serotonin can trigger an increase in memory. This is because serotonin is having an effect that can cause a sense of fun that will relieve stress and relax the brain.

More direct effect, consumption of paracetamol would activate brain areas involved in learning, memory, and problem solving called the hippocampus.

However, researchers are still uncertain with the precise mechanism how paracetamol works. Several studies conducted in the early stages of animal shows that paracetamol can actually inhibit the memory at lower doses. While the use at high doses, paracetamol produces a beneficial effect on memory.

Research in Sweden shows that the level of agitation in patients with senile dementia or disease are reduced 17 percent after consumption of high-dose paracetamol for two months.

Doctor Anne Corbett, lead researcher on the social foundations of ‘The Alzhemeir’s Society’ said the problem with dementia is not just forgeting to put the keys or phone number. However, the patient may be unable to recognize relatives or where their live.

That is why Corbett is hoping on improving the results of these studies. “It’s important to find a cure for them (people with dementia) while improving the quality of life,” said Corbett.

On the study, the researchers stressed that patients should not self-medicate with paracetamol because research is still in its early stages and may cause side effects.