Parasites Can Cause Stroke


stroke Stroke Health TipsStroke, which often strikes people with high blood pressure, can also occur due to parasitic infection called Trypanozoma cruzi. This bacteria is a major cause of chagas disease. People who are infected have a risk of stroke, especially if they suffer from complications of heart and blood clotting.

Chagas disease is often prevalent in Latin American countries. However, migration of millions of people across countries leads to the spread of this disease in many countries. A person can be infected with the disease when bitten by an insect infected with cruzi parasites.

Most people do not realize they are infected so that would unknowingly spread the infection. In a study conducted by Dr.Francisco Javier Carod-Artal from Spain, it is known that half the chagas patients who had stroke were previously not diagnosed to be chagas infected.

According to Ahmed Sharlin from the Stroke Association, chagas disease can trigger a variety of cardiac disorders that eventually lead to stroke. “The heart becomes weak and unable to pump blood strongly. The blood clot will eventually happen, if the clot is carried to the brain and clogs the arteries of the brain, the result is a stroke,” he explained.

That’s why experts recommend doctors from chagas endemic countries to conduct disease screening on stroke patients.