Passive Smokers Are at Risk of Getting Chronic Sinus


passive smokers

passive smokers (deutsch/zefa/corbis)

Health Tips – People who inhale the cigarette smoke from smokers, or often called passive smokers, have the risk of chronic sinus disease (chronic rhinosinusitis). That is the results of studies published in the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery journal April edition.

Cigarette smoke contains more than four thousand substances, where more than 50 of them allegedly can cause cancer. The evidence shows that passive smoking could be affected by acute respiratory infections, ear disease, asthma, coronary heart disease and lung cancer, and sinuses. In America, an estimated 126 million non-smokers (60 percent of the American non-smokers population) has felt the effect of the smoke.

Doctor Martin Tammemagi from Brock University, Ontario, Canada, and his team studied 306 non-smoker patients who have been diagnosed with a chronic sinus. They were exposed to cigarette smoke at home, workplace, and in public places for five years before being diagnosed. Then they were compared with 306 people of the same age, same sex and race but did not suffer sinus.

In general, about 40 percent of cases of chronic sinus was associated with passive smoking.

“Based on our findings, physicians should recommend that patients who are prone to chronic sinus should avoid exposure to cigarette smoke,” says Martin.

Medical News Today/Ngarto Februana