Pen to Measure and Relieve Stress


stress womanStress is a common thing which happens in all human. Especially those who endure excessive workload, that they could not feel relaxed or even nervous. But how can we measure the level of stress a person?

Researchers from Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Miguel Bruns Alonso has developed a pen that can measure the stress levels of users. This pen could help reduce the stress of its users. In the trial, the anti-stress pen user’s heart rate dropped an average of five percent.

The experiment was done on those with habits of aggressive driving, depressed or nervous. Bruns, who studied industrial design, conducted various experiments during the study.

When users are tense, they were told to play with the pen. This pen is equipped with a kind of electromagnetic sensors and balancing to detect a snap or quick movements that indicate stress. If there is a loud snap or movement, the pen provides feedback, so it is difficult to move. By inhibiting the user’s hand movements, they writes with more gently.

“So users are more relaxed and helps reduce stress in a constructive way,” said Bruns. As a result, Burns said, users have a lower heart rate, about 5 percent than those who do not use it. From the results of this study, Bruns will receive his PhD in the field of industrial design. Unfortunately this pen is still in prototype form and is not sold freely.