Penis Erection Ability can Indicate a Man’s Health


To know the general of  condition of his health, a man does not need a thermometer or stethoscope. Simply look at his penis erection ability, because in men the ability represents health condition in general.

To be able to perfectly erect, the penis requires the elasticity of blood vessels and stable heart rhythm to pump blood to it. Hardening of the arteries and blockage by a clot can cause erectile dysfunction.

Hardening and blockage of blood vessels is a risk of heart problems and blood vessels. Therefore, erection problems in men should be wary as signs of these risk factors.

A study at the University of Bristol, UK has revealed that men are more sexually active have a lower risk of experiencing a heart attack. With three orgasms per week then the risk of heart attack are reduced by 50 percent compared to those who less frequently have sex.

Another study was also conducted at the University of Brussels, Belgium on 50-55 year old men. Men who have sex only once a month had a risk of heart attacks 70 percent higher than those who do it more frequent. After leaving the hospital, the more often they have sex, the faster the recovery.

“Erectile dysfunction often arises before heart attack occurs. Like a canary in the coal mine, an erection can mark the coming of great danger for men,” said health experts Dr. David Samadi, according to FoxNews.

The relation also works in reverse, to be able to have sex on a regular basis man needs physical and mental fitness. Only a healthy man is able to maintain an erection and have sex with their partners as active as possible.

Besides that, the erectile also needs coordination of solid nerves and sustainable release of nitrogen oxide compounds. Testosterone deficiency and excess weight often inhibit these mechanisms.

Being overweight and hormonal imbalances indicate a risk of metabolic system disorders. And as already known, one of the most feared complications of diabetes is male erectile dysfunction.