People who are prone to anxiety tend to not want to help others


anxietyA recent study suggests that people prone to anxiety tend to not have the empathy to help others .

The properties also make someone avoid socialization and social activities with others, one example is to volunteer.

“Certain nervous system in the brain plays an important role in controlling emotions. So there is always a reason why there are people who do not have a feeling or a desire to help others, ” said researcher Scott Stoltenberg from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

As reported by the Huffington Post, researchers suspected that genes play a role in reducing anxiety properties and why people do not want to help others. However, the environment also contributes to the phenomenon.

Previously, there was another study in the Neuron journal┬áthat showed that the gray matter in the brain is associated with one’s generous nature.

The results of the study in the University of Nebraska – Lincoln is then published in the ┬áSocial Neuroscience journal.

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