People who Cheat in the Internet Tend to Continue their Affair


internet users cheatingA study of the ‘Sexuality & Culture’ journal recently discovered facts of the beginning of affairs. The result showed that the adult relationship begins from sending sexual related messages between men and women who become a key issues of cheating in the United States.

Furthermore, intimate interaction outside of marriage will follow the pattern in general. “They meet, send each other pictures, and photos without their clothes. And if they are attracted, they will continue to meet,” says sociologist, Diane Kholos Wysocki, according to healthday.

The conclusion was based on a survey of 5,200 users of the cheating website. which has more than 6 million members. Wysocki works with the site with a motto “Life is short, have an affair”, by posting a questionnaire containing 68 questions.

Respondents were mostly distributed to the upper class people (with an average income of about U.S. $ 86 thousand), most of the others have been married (64 percent) and highly educated (about 70 percent go to college). As for 6 of every 10 respondents were male.

“This survey does not represent a reason why people choose to have an affair, even though they had been married,” said a professor from the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Sixty percent of women and nearly half of men said they would be involved in sending nude photos via email or phone. About three-quarters of men and women admitted having an affair despite being in a serious relationship. More than 8 out of 10 women and two thirds of men said they met someone directly after first meeting online.

“That shows a lot of people are cheating not only too meet and interact online. They also eventually continue a relationship with regular meetings. Even in some cases, the cheating is no longer done in secret. They are no longer afraid to show their relationship in public, “said Wysocki.

According to Jeffrey T. Parsons, professor of psychology at Hunter College in New York City, this finding is not surprising. “People will use a website to cheat,” he said. Although, there may be some who only use the site for stimulation factor and for danger sensation. Internet is most likely to provide ease of searching for “new partners”.