People Who Walks Fast Lives Longer


people walkingSomeone’s walking speed can now be an indicator to predict how long they live. Someone who consistently walks in a speed of one meter per second (2.25 miles per hour) or more will live longer than those who walks more slowly, with the same age and sex.

“We can show how human capacity to move illustrate their vitality and health,”said researcher Dr. Stephanie Studenski, a professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

But the researchers involved in this study emphasizes the research purpose is not to make people walk faster to extend their age. There are many health factors to be considered for a long life.

“When your body choose to walk fast, it is best for you. And that is your speed, your health indicators, “Studenski said.

The researchers also can predict the survival rate in 10 years of a group of people based on their speed of walking as far as four meters. Walking speed for people with life expectancy on average is 0.8 meters per second is about about 1.8 miles per hour. The study also mentioned that walking speed is a factor that can predict a person’s life expectancy age which is more accurate than by examining the age or gender.