People with diabetes are prone to kidney disease

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Recent studies have shown that diabetic patients are prone to kidney disease. When a diabetic patient has kidney disease, the risk of death increases.

Research shows that while diabetes is not immediately addressed, it is likely the disease can lead to other diseases such as eye problems, foot problems, and kidney problems.

These results are obtained after researchers looked at 15,000 adults for 10 years. They found that people with diabetes have an increased risk of kidney disease of 42.3 percent. Meanwhile, the risk of kidney disease in normal individuals are only 9.4 percent.

“People with type-2 diabetes have multiple risk factors such as heart disease and death. Now we found that kidney disease is also one of them,” said lead researcher Dr Maryam Afkarian, as reported by BBC News.

A clinical expert, Cathy Moulton suggested that patients with diabetes more frequently check-up to detect early kidney disease emergence. Congenital kidney disease from diabetes can be treated with blood pressure medication.

However, many patients ignore this and take them for granted which makes many people have become victims of kidney disease caused by diabetes. There is no reason, diabetic patients are required to consult regularly to avoid the appearance of kidney disease.

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