Perfect massage could optimize your baby’s growth


Massage does not only make the baby feel calm and comfortable, the massage is also effective to optimize the growth and development of infants, especially if it is done every day.

Truly, love is the basic requirement that makes the child will grow optimally. These basic needs can affect his future later. Basically is a foster child’s basic needs, love, and grindstones. Foster got from the scope of nutrition, care, immunization, health, clothing, food.

Love is obtained from the relationship of mother and child in the form of affection, emotions, self esteem, sense of security, independence, and support. Sharpening derived from religion, morals, ethics, creativity, and skills are many ways you can do to optimize your child’s growth. One of them is by doing touch through massage. Massage is also called a touch stimulus. Massage is also known as therapeutic touch (touch therapy), the oldest known to mankind and the most popular.

In addition, massage is known as the art health care and medical treatment practiced since centuries ago. While massage is done on the baby’s mother is a means of bonding between baby and parents are beneficial for physical and emotional development of infants.

Touched, being treated, a massage is a good food for babies. Food is as important as vitamins and minerals.

Several studies have revealed that many baby massage provides many benefits. Among the research conducted by Prof. Tiffany Fiel, a founder of The Touch Research Institute, Florida, United States, which states that massage is given to your child every day for 20 minutes during a month can make a baby more relaxed and also help stimulate the nerves of his brain.

Touch Research Institute conducts research on a group of children with math problems. Then, do the massage on children during the 2 x 15 minutes each week and over 5 weeks. In the children were given again another math problem. They turned out to be completed more quickly with smaller error rates after the massage.

The results of the study was a pediatrician and psychiatrist from the United States, Rene Spitz, that many infants who received the touch, especially from mothers, rarely have symptoms hospitalismus (interference, which is often experienced by infants who lived in the orphanage, such as inflammation of the middle ear, measles, intestinal disorders, and others).

Meanwhile, a physiotherapist, Barbara Ahr, recommend that smears done a little more power and is directed to the heart, it serves to stimulate blood and lymph flow. Massage with a squeeze of nutritious baby make a baby grow stronger muscles, better blood circulation as well.

Psychologically, massage can nurture your baby bond of affection a parent and child. It was obtained from the touch of a parent’s love and views on the baby. And that’s flowing fabric strength of love between parents and children.

In child development, the touch of a parent is the basis of communication development that will foster mutual love of making the children good manners graceful confidence. Massage is done on nursing mothers can increase milk production.

As for the research that supports the statement reported Mersmann Cynthia, a mother who massaged their babies. In producing milk, she also did the control. So the conclusion is baby massage can increase the volume of breast milk so that the period of exclusive breast feeding period can be improved.

Therefore, to make the brain children smarter, providing stimulation to the child is the right choice. Stimulation can be provided by doing massage on children.

Massage given to the child is one type of stimulation from the environment into the brain through the senses. That way, children can receive a stimulus from the environment well and are relaxed and caring atmosphere which is a basic need which makes it grow optimally.