Pine Bark Extract Has No Effect on Blood Pressure


Pine Bark Extract blood pressureOne supplement that is believed to be powerful to overcome high blood pressure is a pine bark extract. But a study  prove that the claim is not true, because it turns out that it gives the same effect as a placebo.

Researchers from Stanford University proved it in a study involving 130 patients with hypertension who are also overweight. All the participants have not received other drugs for hypertension.

Randomly, the participants received 2 types of treatment. The first group is the one given 200 mg of pine bark extract a day, while the rest is a control group who only gets placebos.

Having observed for 12 weeks, decreased blood pressure and heart attack risk factors such as cholesterol, blood sugar and weight appeared. However there is almost no difference of decrease level in both groups, so they are considered not too significant.

“We added an analysis to ascertain whether there are patients who benefit from it, but we could not find it,” said Dr. Randall Stafford, who led the study, according to HealthDay.

Nevertheless, this study makes no recommendation whether the extracts are safe for consumption as a supplement. But so far, there has not been any reported side effects from the regular use of it.

In some previous studies, pine bark extract is considered an antioxidant which can reduce blood pressure. But Dr Stafford assess that there are a number of weaknesses in those studies, so the results are less valid.