Place Plants on Your Desk to Reduce Stress at Work


office plantsIf you feel depressed and often tired at work, you should try this simple tips: put plants on your desk in the office.

A recent study revealed that plants placed on the desk or in the room are good for health. Plants in pots can reduce fatigue, stress, headache, cough, and dry skin.

This research was conducted by scientists from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Uppsala University, in Sweden. According to the head of the research team, Tina Bringslimark from the Norwegian University, the study conducted involved 385 workers.

The workers’ number of absent from work due to being sick were studied and observed. They were then asked how many plants they had seen from their desk. The results showed that the more workers see the plant from their desk, the less often they miss work due to being sick.

According Bringslimark, the soil for this plant has a volatile, an organism that have effects on health. “Psychologically, seeing the plant or tree has a refreshing effect,” said Bringslimark, according to the Daily Mail.

While according to a study by Washington State University, plants in the office are very helpful, especially for office workers who are not facing the window.

In a study at Washington State University, the workers who work in offices with plants are also more productive and more quick to react. They also do not get stressed and have lower blood pressure. “This proves, that plants can reduce levels of stress,” said Virginia Lohr, head of the research.