Placebo are effective to cure migraines in children


Placebo are effective to cure migraines in childrenPlacebo pills are able to prevent and treat migraine in children and adolescents as well as other headache medication, said researchers and scientists.

Scientists only discovered two drugs were able to treat migraines in adults better than placebo. Even in such cases, the placebo effect is not much different with migraine headaches drugs given.

“Parents should be careful in giving the choice of drugs in children. Several drugs may not be a good choice,” said Dr. Jennifer Bickel, neurologists and headache specialists at Children’s Mercy Hospital and Clinics in Kansas City, as reported by Health Me Up (25/03).

Bickel who was not involved in the study explained that there are no specific drug that can be used to prevent migraines in children, so doctors must use medication that should be consumed by adults. The drugs are not a miracle cure, Bickel said.

In this study, Dr. Jeffrey Jackson of the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and colleagues looked at 21 types of medication and placebo for comparison with each other. They found only topiramate, and trazodone which can relieve headaches in children and adolescents who experience migraines constantly. temporary headache medicine for other adults showed no benefit at all.

Meanwhile, in a recent analysis published in JAMA Pediatrics, placebo pills are known to decrease the frequency of headaches and migraine in children up to five to six times per month.

Evidence given by Dr. William Rodriguez and his colleagues at the FDA suggests that placebos are more effectively used to prevent and treat migraines in children than in adults.

Even so Bickel suggested that parents not only depend on medicine to cure headaches in children. Parents can perform treatment without drugs or meditation as therapy in children with migraine or chronic headaches.

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