Playing video games avoids elderly from depression


Playing video games avoids elderly from depressionA study from North Carolina State University found that elderly people who play video games have increased mental health, one of them is to keep them away from depression.

Researchers involved 140 elderly people aged 62 years and over and asked how often they play video games. Apparently as many as 61 percent of them only occasionally play video games, 35 percent play every week, and the rest not at all.

From there, it is evident that the elderly who plays video games, had good mental health. While the elderly who do not play video games reported to easily become emotional and has a tendency to suffer from depression.

“Video games have a close relationship to mental health of the elderly,” said researcher Dr Jason Allaire, as quoted by Science Daily.

But the researchers delivered if the study should not be used as a benchmark that the longer a person plays video games, the better their mental health. Because everything that is excessive is bad for you.

The research had also been reported in the Computers in Human Behavior journal.