Pollution Effects Female Fertility

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A study was conducted on thousands of patients in England discovered that women who regularly breathe in polluted space, have 24 percent smaller chance to get pregnant compared to those who live in less polluted areas.

Nitrogen dioxide, a toxin produced by the exhaust of cars and trucks and gas stove, have a negative impact on the opportunities of women to have babies.

Although in previous study, air pollution is associated with premature birth, low birth weight and birth defects, recent studies also revealed that toxins can inhibit the occurrence of pregnancy.

The researchers compared the success rate in 7500 patients with levels of pollution around their home, workplace, and clinic treatment. The result, the researcher found consistent evidence that showed higher levels of nitrogen dioxide are inhaled the patient, the lower their fertility rates.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, U.S., said that, the air pollution, such as from the exhaust and smoke, can damage or destroy the egg cells cut blood flow to the uterus and placenta.

Study author dr. Richard Legro says, “There is a significant relationship between air pollution and increased blood clotting. This factor is also a bad effect on reproductive health.”

Thus, according to dr. Legro, if you are undergoing a baby program, it’s worth as much as possible to keep away from air pollution. In addition you will be easy to get pregnant, the fetus in the womb will also be healthier.

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