Positive thinking is able to relieve body pain


positive thinking

Having positive thoughts have long been known to have a positive effect for a healthy body and soul. That’s why you are always advisable to have a positive mind so that your life will be happier.

It turns out that the benefits of positive thinking does not end there. Because according to a study reported by dailymail, positive thoughts can reduce pain in your body up to 60%.

“Pain is able to weaken the ability of your brain. That is why when you are sick and your mind is filled with negative things, then the pain will double. However in this study we asked patients to have a positive mind. And the result, positive thoughts are able to change a person’s emotional response to pain, “said lead researcher Dr. Tim Salomons.

“Sometimes the disease you suffer follows your thoughts. If you see it as something that is normal, then the healing process will be quick. All of this relates to how you feel the disease, instead of self-pity.”