Powerful Alternatives to Treat Headaches


types of headachesHeadaches are a common problem in the modern society as it is now. Stress also referred to as the main trigger of the pain caused. But many also considers it trivial because of the frequency of headache which may occur too often. This pain disorder can actually be solved easily.

Please check your nutritional intake for your body. Several types of nutrients can prevent and alleviate headaches. Including vitamin D which has been frequently associated with calcium for bone density. You do not need to find a pain medication, simply provide a glass of water and the following supplements to meet the body’s nutritional needs.

Vitamin B2
A research conducted by health experts say that sufficient intake of vitamin B2 reduces attacks of headaches, especially migraines. Dr Mikolai, Chief Resident at the National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon also advise you to consume about 400 milligrams of vitamin B2 per day.

During migraine, there is a decrease in energy output on the back of the brain. Vitamin B2 helps the cells to maintain energy output. Besides through supplements, you can also get your intake of vitamin B2 in almonds, mushrooms, wheat, and soybeans.

Vitamin D
Often feel un energized when you do not leave home at all? Exposure to sunlight may also help establish the body’s energy and boost immunity naturally. Including refusing pain.

Lack of vitamin D can cause chronic pain. Standard dose for vitamin D is 2,000 miligran per day, although in many cases more is needed. Or just consume fresh milk every day.

In addition to a lack of vitamin B2 and vitamin D, low magnesium levels also often triggers headaches. Magnesium itself is a source of minerals and produces energy for the body. There’s a good idea to always insert green vegetables in your daily menu, in addition to regularly taking supplements. You should also always know the type of headaches that exists. Know also some foods that can relieve headaches.