Powerful Way to Treat Endless Fatigue


Do you feel constantly tired, limp, and always want to sleep? Maybe you’re having a stressful routines that triggers stress. Regular exercise could be the antidote.

A study shows that regular exercise helps ward off laziness and depression. Fitness expert, Deanne Pandey, stressed that the moving your body could make the body more active and increase work passion.

“Someone should at least do some physical exercises for about 45 minutes a day. For working women, it will be very difficult if they have to go to the gym, but they can do simple things like climbing stairs or walking around at night,” she said, according to the Times of India.

Exercise is important. Not only because of busyness that triggers stress, but also poor diet like the consumption of ‘junk’ foods that increase fat deposits in the body. Also instant foods that tend to contain preservatives which causes diseases. You should know the ideal exercise portion for you.

While fried foods, caffeine and herbs should be avoided as it will deplete the body’s energy. “Two liters of water a day is also necessary for the human body to ward off feelings of fatigue,” says Aggarwal.

He added that everyone is busy all day and complain that they do not have time for themselves. But actually taking five minutes out of your busy schedule is not that difficult. You should also know how to stay healthy during work.

Besides exercise, relaxation is also recommended. “One of the biggest causes of stress is the activity itself. Take a minute to relax. For women who have a family, relaxing with her husband and children can be fun and soothing.”

Psychologist Chandni Mehta says, “Modern women need to divide their time between family and the business of the office work. They need to pursue a hobby or do something that can really be enjoyed. Fitness and freshness key of the body is able to control emotions and not forgeting to exercise.”