Powerful Ways to Fight Insomnia


fight insomniaSleeping is a very needed by humans. With a few hours of sleep at night, it is like charging people’s batteries to do the next day’s activities. However, many people experience trouble in sleeping at night.

According to Times of India, Insomnia occurs due to many factors. Among them are psychological factors like stress, anxiety, work depression, disaster trauma, violence or other traumatic experiences. Excessive concerns makes the  body difficult to calm, and forces the brain to keep thinking.

However, it could be due to disease factors such as diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, and asthma. Environment during sleep such as temperature, light, noise levels can affect sleep quality. Bad lifestyle such as consumption of drugs, alcohol, coffee, caffeine, soda, or energy drinks can also cause insomnia.

If not promptly treated, insomnia can lead to anxiety before going to bed, tired after sleep, sleepy, lethargic throughout the day, difficulty in concentrating, irritability and badmood.

There are several steps to overcome insomnia, according to psychologist Dr Chhavi Khanna’s advice.

1. Healthy Living
Regular exercising can help relieve insomnia. Exercise every morning, and in the afternoon.Do not work out four hours before bed. Wake and sleep at the same time every day to create a sleep cycle in the body.

Try to eat foods that are light and have little amount of water, if you feel hungry before bedtime. Stay away from caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol 4-6 hours before bedtime. To add to the quality of sleep, adjust temperature, light, and noise level.

2. Optimal sleep patterns
Immediately go to sleep, if you feel fatigue. Do not ever do activities when tired. If you are not asleep within 20 minutes, get up and make your body comfortable with sitting in another room with dim light or read something until you get sleepy.

3. Learn to be calm
Get used to stop working 90 minutes before bed. Concentrate on your breathing and release all the tension in the muscles before bed. Do not worry you’ll have trouble sleeping, and forget for a moment the problem you are facing.

4. Try to sleep
Do not try too hard to sleep, avoid watching the clock. All you need to do is believe that the ‘sleep will come when ready’. Try to accustom your eyes in the darkness, and then visualize fun scenes.