Predicting Life Through the Shape of Face


woman mirrorHaving a symmetrical face may be a desire of all women, as it will look proportionately from all sides. In contrast to the face which is not symmetrical, the owner must seek a specific point of view in order for the face to look proportional and more beautiful.

Not only more attractive, symmetrical faces can also be a medium to deliver important information about health, beauty and charm. See the following facts according to YouBeauty.

1. Sexy
“Research shows that symmetrical faces are judged to be more attractive than those who are not,” said Viren Swami, Ph.D., a psychology researcher at the University of Westminster and YouBeauty appeal expert.

However, the level of a person’s symmetrical face is not the only value in attracting people’s attention. For some people, the level of symmetry plays little role in making people fall in love.

2. Good genes signal
Symmetrical describe endurance to stay alive. Just as symmetrical movements in animals associated with neural networks, symmetric in humans is also synchronized system.

“Symmetrical of the left and right in the growing embryo requires very close control on each side to make it sync,” said Ian Stewart, Ph.D., professor emeritus of mathematics at Warwick University and the author of “Why Beauty Is Truth ‘.

As has been previously studied, stress factors can easily poison the human health. However, adults who have symmetrical faces showed strong resistance against the pressure they’ve experienced in the womb. “Symmetrical shape does not occur in the growth process, but related to the control while still a fetus.”

Basically, the symmetrical shape is signal of good gene and health growth. “This is a good biological marker of quality,” said Tony Little, Ph.D., Royal Society Research Fellow Psychology at the University of Sterling.

But according to him, the form of symmetry can not talk about health. “This form is only to tell their health when they are young because the condition of the body develops according to lifestyle,” Swami said.

3. Fertile women prefer men with a symmetrical face
When you step on the time of ovulation, do not be surprised if you often notice symmetrical faced men. Australian researchers demonstrated this by asking female respondents to smell the body from men shirt. The women turned out to prefer the body odor of men with symmetrical faces.

But according to some studies, these men have many partners, often have affair, and more likely to have fantasy sex with someone else. And, they tend to become mistresses of women.

4. Nothing is perfect
Maybe we crave symmetrical face, but it is actually just an image. “No human face is perfectly symmetrical. All human beings have a side that is not symmetrical,” said Little.

It is imperfections that often make it look prettier. In fact, a symmetrical smile looks fake and insincere making it less attractive.

What is sure is that symmetrical faces shows good health. Symmetrical face is not a guarantee to look more attractive, and does not guarantee happiness in love.