Pregnant Women Should Avoid Watching Horror Movies

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pregnant women

Emotional changes experienced by pregnant women will have an impact on the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid stress because stress can inhibit the intake of oxygen to the fetus. A relaxed mind will create a comfortable pregnancy and fetal health.

Experts recommend that pregnant women avoid the things that can cause stress. One of the things that need to be avoided is a thriller movies. This is because the fetus can feel the emotions she felt.

In a research, it is found that when pregnant women watch fun movies, the fetus will go quiet and happy. Meanwhile, if a pregnant woman watches a horror or sad movie,  the fetus is silence and become weaker following the mother’s emotional turmoil.

Although it is not yet known how the fetus is able to recognize the mother’s emotional differences, but experts suspect that hormonal changes triggered by the emotions generated by the movie will be transmitted indirectly to the fetus.

In the research, 10 pregnant women were asked to watch a different type of movie genre, namely the movie The Sound of Music and a sad movie, The Champ. Then the experts monitors the movements of the fetus as their mothers watches these films using ultrasound scanning.

Babies born from mothers who are stressed are known to have lower intelligence levels, tend to be hyperactivity and has an emotional problems.


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