Pregnant women who sleeps on their backs harm the fetus’s life?


Pregnant women who sleeps on their backs harm the fetus's lifeA recent study says that women who sleep on their backs are at high risk of stillbirth – the death of a fetus in the womb or during delivery.

The study was conducted in Ghana to be exact. Many of the pregnant women who sleeps on their backs had a five-fold higher risk of giving birth to infant with low weight. Some of the women even experience stillbirth.

Previously, there are research that links between maternal sleep position and risk of stillbirth in New Zealand. According to researchers, these risks are also experienced by women living in developing countries.

“In order to avoid the death of the fetus in the womb or during delivery, pregnant women need to change their sleeping position,” said Louise O’Brien, chief author of the study from the University of Michigan, according to the Daily Mail.

The best sleeping position for a pregnant woman is sideways. Because this position can increase blood flow to the placenta.

In the meantime, sleeping on your back during pregnancy makes the veins that carry blood to the heart becomes blocked. That is the main cause of stillbirth due to a habit of sleeping on your back.

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