Pregnant women transmit stress to the fetus through the placenta


Pregnant women stress

Not just the food nutrients that is supplied by the placenta of pregnant women to the fetus, stress also is infected by the same route, according to a recent study.

“Almost everything that women feel during pregnancy will have interaction through the placenta and affect the fetus,” said lead researcher Dr. Tracy Bale of the University of Pennsylvania, as quoted by the Daily Mail (04/03).

Researchers also believe that in pregnant women under stress, there is a protein that should be in charge of the brain development process becomes disturbed. So that there is the risks of mental disorders such as autism and schizophrenia in the baby born.

Through an experiment using laboratory mice, researchers discovered an enzyme called OGT on the placenta decreases when female rats are pregnant. When the enzymes were analyzed further, it turns out the decrease amount influence the development of 370 genes in fetal rat brain of the unborn.

These genes play an important role in neural development, such as energy use, regulatory proteins, and the formation of nerve cell connections.

“People basically also have the OGT enzyme when pregnant. Male fetuses also even have a tendency to lower OGT enzyme. So women really need to maintain physical and mental health during pregnancy,” said Dr. Bale.

The study had also been reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal.

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