Prenatal Yoga is Safe for Pregnant Women


prenatal yoga picturePregnancy is a special moment in a woman’s life, especially for first-time experience. However, the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy often causes a lot of complaints, ranging from nausea and vomiting, to emotional instability. With yoga, pregnant women are trained to achieve a healthy balance between body and mind and positive emotions.

Prenatal yoga is relatively safe for pregnant women, as long as the movement is done with caution to avoid injury to the prospective mother. “Many benefits can be taken by pregnant women who does yoga, but they also must realize the limitations of motion due to changes in body shape,” said Dr.Rachel Rohde, an orthopedic surgeon.

Recently the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) issued a statement saying that yoga is a safe alternative to exercise for pregnant women without causing risk to the fetus and pregnant mothers heart. Practicing yoga during pregnancy will help muscle strength and flexibility, while also practicing breathing and relaxation.

Nevertheless, the right yoga positions is very important to avoid injury. According to U.S. Product Safety Commission’s data, in the year 2008 there are 5500 Americans who suffered injuries from yoga practice.

For pregnant women who are interested in practicing yoga, experts in the AAOS recommend to consult with gynecologist. In addition, select a yoga practice designed specifically for pregnant women. Look for yoga teachers who master the prenatal yoga because it will guide you to do various movements as well as guide you to train concentration through meditation.