Prevent Acne During Pregnancy


acne pregnancyHormonal changes during pregnancy often makes the prospective mother’s face looks happy. But often, pregnant women suffer from acne problems.

During pregnancy, there are a series of changes in body hormones, including androgens that triggers acne. Although you will never control the hormonal changes in your body, you can take steps that can help prevent and treat your acne.

Try following these tips given by Modern Mom:

Step 1
Wash your face every morning and afternoon with a mild soap that does not contain a lot of fragrance and additives. Pregnancy hormones can cause increased oil production, so always keep your face clean.

Routine face washing can help prevent acne. Using room temperature water is better than warm water. Avoid harsh exfoliants that can irritate your skin.

Step 2
Pat your face with a dry and clean towel. Then put a smear of light facial moisturizing cream. Using a moisturizer can help prevent skin produces excess oil.

Step 3
Change your makeup routine. Use make-up only at certain times only, and only if it is really necessary. Choose oil-free makeup that is safe to use, does not clog pores and use it sparingly. Avoid daily use of makeup only to cover acne, as some cosmetics can make it worse.

Step 4
Avoid touching your face with your hands. It is important to keep your face free of excess oils and bacteria that cause acne from outside sources.

Tie your hair if it feels greasy, especially if you use hair products that can irritate your skin. Wash your pillowcase regularly with hypoallergenic detergent. Clean your phone with an antibacterial cleanser. All these measures can help reduce oil production in the skin.

Step 5
Stay hydrated and eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables to provide the necessary nutrients and moisturize the skin clean and healthy. Avoid consumption of fried foods and chocolate because it can cause acne. Consumption of nutritious foods will be better and able to help you maintain a healthy skin.

Step 6
See your doctor if the steps above does not help clean up and prevent your acne. Some prescription topical antibiotics and over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide treatments may help. Your doctor will know what medicines are safe to consume during pregnancy.