Prevent breast cancer with these 3 steps!

Prevent breast cancer with these 3 steps!

It’s no secret that the current rate of breast cancer patients, both men and women, is on the rise. Along with the increasing levels of awareness of the dangers of female breast cancer, the higher the incidence of breast cancer appears.

So, what can be done, especially by women, to be able to prevent the harmful disease? There are some easy steps that must be known by woman to be able to prevent breast cancer, as reported by the Health Me Up (16/10).

1. Understand the risk factors
That must be known by everyone about breast cancer is the risk factor that they have. Breast cancer risk factors include age, lifestyle, family history, and radiation therapy.

With the increasing age, the greater the risk of breast cancer. Some lifestyle such as smoking, drinking alcohol, being overweight, and eating unhealthy foods can also trigger breast cancer. Women who have a family history of cancer also have a higher risk.

2. Early detection
After knowing the risk factors,  woman should know how to check the condition and health of the breast itself. Early examination by themselves will help women find unnatural thing on their breasts faster. In addition to checking their breasts regularly, women can also perform clinical tests from the age of 20 years.

For further examination of the stage, a woman can also do an ultrasound, mammogram, or MRI with a doctor. But usually the advanced stages of the examination is done if woman had done the examination and the doctor is needed. MRI is typically used in patients with large and thick breasts, which is more difficult for doctors to find a lump or cancer.

3. Symptoms and risk
Every woman should know the symptoms of breast cancer and find different things on their breasts. Some of the symptoms of cancer is the appearance of lumps, changes in skin and breast forms, and a discharge that is not normal to the nipple. Some types of cancer sore, but not rare cancer does not hurt.

It is important to examine early, because early detection of cancer can save lives of women. If detected early, women can avoid costly treatments and chemotherapy which are uncomfortable. Not all women are strong to get chemotherapy and its side effects. If the cancer is detected too late, treatment may be given has been too slow and could have to do a mastectomy (breast removal).

Those are some steps that must be known by a woman to prevent breast cancer. Know your risk factors, perform regular inspections, either alone or with a physician examination, and act immediately if there is oddness with your breasts.

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