Prevent Child Obesity by Cooking Together


family cooking togetherTaking a vacation with the family out of town is common. But, what if your weekend is spent by cook together with the family.

Not only is it fun, but it also can increase your children’s cooking skill. Based on a research, cooking together with the family also can be a healthful activity.

Currently, it is quite difficult for parents with busy schedules to check the kids homework, let alone teach them to cook healthy. But when you have the time, why not think about doing healthy activities by cooking together.

According to the Times of India, a study conducted by the American Heart Association revealed that the problems of overweight in children can even be dealt with involving children in menu planning, shopping, and cooking.

Teach children how to cook and appreciate healthy foods also reduces the amount of food they eat. By cooking their own food, children can also enjoy a meal they cook by themselves.

In the short term, teaching your children a healthy way of cooking will increase their confidence. They also would prefer to join and work together to help you prepare food.

Cooking is also an activity to open lines of communication between children and parents. Children can tend to avoid junk food when they are happy to cook and eat at home with their parents. Several studies have shown that cooking together help build ties between parents and children.

In the long run, cooking makes a child easier to implement healthy eating habits. That’s because children who eat healthy foods at a young age, tend to continue eating healthy foods in adult life.

To get started just take your child to prepare the breakfast menu. Not only is a healthy breakfast a basic for healthy lifestyle, but it also can teach kids to use kitchen tools. Such as how to cut, twist butter, pour cereal, peel fruits, pour the milk, and other small tasks.

Teach children how to choose healthy foods such as foods rich in fiber and nutrient-rich whole grains, fruits and dairy products can also be taught through breakfast. If it is difficult to teach at breakfast, may be you could teach on a weekend holiday.

Teach your child how to make dishes with simple recipes that they can make by their own when you are not at home.