Prevent Osteoarthritis with Garlic


garlicMany people do not want to eat garlic because it can cause bad breath. What many people do not know is that this popular herb have many benefits, one of which is that it could prevent arthritis in women.

Osteoarthritis is a type of rheumatic disease that attacks the joints, especially in the knee, hip and spine. The risk increases with age, although many other factors also influence it such as weight and diet.

Joint pain in osteoarthritis occurs because there is a malfunction in the immune system. Instead of fighting germs, the system is actually attacking the synival membrane that lubricates the joints so it is easy to develop inflammation.

Until now not much therapy is really powerful to overcome osteoarthritis besides joint replacement surgery. Drugs which are most often given is a pain reliever, and sometimes maintenance of bone and joint supplements.

However, to prevent it, there are a lot of thing that can be done including exercise and implementing a healthy lifestyle. Diet or eating pasterns are also quite effective in preventing osteoarthritis when entering old age.

One of the recommended food is garlic. A research has shown, women who eats garlic is rarely affected by osteoarthritis.

The study was conducted by experts from King College and the University of East Angelia in England recently. Funded by the Arthritis Research Britain, the study involved about 1,000 women who had never been exposed to osteoarthritis.

X-ray examination showed that women who ate garlic had a better bone structure. The owners of healthy bones and joints have a lower risk for experiencing ostroarthritis later on.

Researchers also said that the content of Diallyl disulfide compounds in garlic can prevent joint damage. According to HealthDay, the compound inhibits the release of destructive enzymes cartilage that wraps around the joints.